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1 Hour Loans – there are those unplanned financial crises that usually arises at a moment when you are least financially prepared, and it is those times that you want to get credit from a reliable lender.

1 Hour Loans is one such lender that is there in your times of need, and like their name says you can be able to get credit within 60 minutes, allowing you to immediately attend to your various financial obligations much quicker.

1 Hour Loans is a micro lending company based in South Africa that offers payday and personal loans to loan seekers across the country, and what’s good about them is that the whole process can easily be done online by filling out their application form.

In South Africa there are thousands of lending companies that offer various credit solutions but is not all of them that provides services that is above board and legit, but you will be glad to know that 1 Hour is not one of them.

There professionalism and expertise are second to none, and they strive to keep their promise of providing you credit in just under an hour, and they have been able to successfully do so since their establishment.

Why choose 1 Hour Loans?

There are many reasons why you can consider applying for 1 Hour Loans, one of them being that you can get credit of up to R230 000 within an hour paid directly into your bank account.

1 Hour Loans is a loan broker that works with you and reputable lenders on the market, acting as the bridge between the loan seekers and lenders. Their service allows you to get access to a wider lending options thereby greatly increasing your chances of getting approved.

What makes their loans unique is that they link you up with the ideal lender, after having considered different loan packages and lenders to pick one that best suits your individual financial needs. Rest assured they do all the hard work for you!

When you make your application for these personal loans, the micro lender will consider your affordability and financial situation to ensure that the loan package they offer you is tailored to suit your unique needs.

1 Hour Loans cater for everyone, from individuals who are blacklisted or have bad credit ratings, they are all catered for. Use these funds to extend your home or do some home renovations, pay for medical expenses or even finance a holiday abroad, the choice is all up to you.

1 Hour Loans FAQs

What are the requirements to qualify for these loans?
Potential applicants who want to apply for 1 Hour Loans must fill in the online application form with their personal details which include things like name, cell, email, ID number, loan amount, banking details and so forth.

Are there credit checks done on my application?
1 Hour Loans will do employment checks to verify your employment and income and these loans are done in accordance with the National Credit Act.

How will I know if my application has been successful?
Once your loan has been approved there will be an SMS that will be sent to you to notify you and the money will be wired into your bank account.

Are there any restrictions on use for these loans?
There are no restrictions on how you can use their loans, so feel free to pay for your children’s school fees, pay your rent, buy furniture and much more.

I am blacklisted, can I get these loans?
1 Hour Loans strives to cater to everyone’s needs, and if you have bad credit you can get some assistance from them.

1 Hour Loans Contact Details

Get more information about how you can be financially free with 1 Hour Loans by visiting their website www.the1hourloan.co.za and get more details on their financial service offering.

It is important to know that loans offered are closely tied to your credit score and keeping a good credit profile is important and helpful when determining how much money you will be eligible to apply for and how much you will be charged for interest.

Those with a bad credit profile tend to be charged more because of the risk associated with them and the ones with good credit scores are charged much lower in interests.

If you have financial challenges or multiple debts you might want to speak to a financial adviser before you decide on taking another loan with 1 Hour Loans so that they can help you make the right financial decision for you at the end of the day that won’t hurt your pocket and one that you will be able to manage comfortably.

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