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1life personal loans

1Life Personal Loans are personal loans that can be beneficial to you if you need credit to help you address any financial challenges that you may be having, and they give loan seekers credit that goes as much as R150 000 with flexible repayment terms that go as much as 60 months.

1Life is a reputable and registered credit provider that specialises in the provision of various financial services that include personal loans, insurance and much more. Their financial services are among the most popular on the market and they are among the top financial services providers in the country.

Why choose 1Life Personal Loans?

Taking out 1Life Personal Loans comes with many benefits that includes getting access to personal loans of up to R150 000 which can be paid to you as soon as possible and will allow you to address all your short-term or long-term financial challenges.

These loans are flexible and take your financial standing into consideration and give you as much as 60 months to comfortably repay back these loans. Interest rates for these loans are fixed throughout the loan term which means that they will remain the same until you finish paying your loan.

When you take out these personal loans you can get extra cover through their Credit Protection Plan that will cover you and your family form any unforeseen circumstances that includes things such as being retrenched, being disabled or even death. When you encounter such things this doesn’t nullify your loan and this credit cover will settle your outstanding loan balance.

They believe in responsible lending and their loans are provided in accordance to the rules of the National Credit Regulator, and before your application is approved they will carry out a credit check and affordability assessment to ensure that you are able to repay the loan without any problems.

1Life Personal Loans FAQs

What are the requirements to apply for these loans?
To get approved for these personal loans from 1life you will need to meet some of their qualifying criteria that includes being employed permanently with a minimum monthly income of R5 000, must be over the age of 18 years and have a South African identity document, must have an active bank account where your salary is deposited into, and they may require additional documentation such as your 3 months bank statements or proof of residential address.

Where can I do the application?
The application can be done online by filling out their application form on their website, and what’s good about them is that you don’t have to stand in long queues or go through face to face interviews with the financial manager. The application is quick and takes less than 20 minutes to complete and you can do that in the comfort of your home or office.

How long does it take to get the money?
1Life aims to payout the money to you in a quick and timely manner, and it usually takes between 24-48 hours to get to your bank account but this will depend on bank scheduling times and day of the week the money is paid out.

How do I make my repayments?
For your personal convenience you can make your repayments through a debit order where your installments will be deducted from your bank account every month.

Does 1life offer a Personal Protection Cover?
Yes, 1life offers a Personal Protection Cover that will settle any outstanding amounts on your loan should you find yourself not able to continue with the repayments.

1Life Personal Loans Contact Details

Get detailed information on how to get approved for 1Life Personal Loans by calling their customer care number 0860 10 53 40 and chat to their consultants who will assist you with any requirements you may have, or alternatively you can go online and visit their website www.1life.co.za and apply there.

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