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African Advantage Loans – When life throws you those curve balls that fall out of your budget, a little loan can help meet these expenses. You can turn to African Advantage Loans and get a revolving loan to help you through the month till you get your next pay check. This revolving credit facility offers customers money that ranges from as little as R500 up to R2 500 with a 30 days repayment term.

When you apply for loans from African Advantage you get a Master Card loaded with the loan amount you need to help you easily make your purchases and transactions. If you are a loyal customer with a good repayment record your card will be topped up with the initial limit you applied for to use whenever you need the extra funds.

Why choose African Advantage Loans?

African Advantage Loans are easily accessible to anyone from anywhere in South Africa where you have access to the internet. You can simply create an account with them and submit your application online via their website. These loans are offered at very low interest rates of less than 2% per month and no initiation fee is charged.

Should the need for another loan arise, you do not need to reapply, your card is automatically loaded with the limit you qualify for once you have paid up the previous loan. The advantage is that you only apply once for a lifetime of credit. If you do not use the money, there are no charges incurred.

When your initial application is approved you will receive an African Advantage Master Card with a secure PIN directly sent to your door step free of charge. You will be able to use this card for withdrawals at any ATM with a MasterCard logo or for any purchases at till points.

This MasterCard has interest charges only when used at ATMs but none when you use it for purchases at retail outlets. You can also deposit your extra funds into the card of up to R25 000 at no extra charge.

What is needed to apply for African Advantage Loans?

If you have a South African ID, you are 18 years of age or above and permanently employed then you qualify for African Advantage Loans. You must have a bank account that allows for debit order transactions and where your salary is deposited every month.

You will be required to provide a copy of your Identity Document, 3 months bank statement and latest pay slip. The necessary credit checks and affordability assessments will be done on your profile.

African Advantage Loans Contact Details

To know more about African Advantage Loans feel free to visit their website www.africanadvantage.co.za. You can also contact them directly by calling their offices on 0861 88 99 89, send a fax to 086 501 2808 or send an email to cards@africanadvantage.co.za and they will assist you.

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