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BFS Loans are online cash loans offered by Barko Financial Services that are tailored to help you make it through a tough financial period, giving you personalised financial solutions that are affordable and convenient.

Loans from Barko Financial Services can help you in times when you face unexpected financial challenges such as a medical emergency, vehicle breakdown, increase in rent or even pay for your children’s school fees.

Barko Financial Services is a South African financial services provider that specialises in providing micro finance loans to people of low incomes who may be facing challenges in securing loans from the traditional route such as banks and other lending institutions.

The company was established in 1996 with the mission of catering for the often-neglected segment of population that larger financial institutions ignore, and these are people that work in government, civil servants, miners, teachers and so on.

Low income earners encounter many challenges when looking for credit and this can be as a result of things such as not having enough collateral, not earning enough money to make repayments, or even having bad credit.

Barko offers affordable financial solutions that these groups of people can access, and in addition to their financial services they also provide Funeral Cover which is underwritten by Guardrisk Limited.

BFS Loans Benefits

Quick Approvals Times
The application processes for loans from Barko Financial Services is very quick and if you submit your application you will be able to get quick feedback on your application status. If your application is approved the money will be paid out within a few hours.

Barko Financial Services products are accessible to anyone who is in need of them through their 80-plus branches across South Africa that include offices in Alexandra, Brits, Benoni, Harrysmith, Bloemfontein, Boksburg, Durban, Germiston, Gugulethu, Johannesburg, Mafikeng.

Reliable Lender
Barko Financial Services is a reliable lender that is registered by the National Credit Regulator that offers you personalised credit solutions.

Financial Control
Barko Financial Services Loans gives you financial control of your finances by offering your tailored credit that will help you with your financial obligations. Repayments are structured in such a way that they take into consideration your financial situation.

BFS Loans FAQ’s

How do I qualify for BFS Loans?
Barko requires the applicant to be over 18 years old, must be citizens of South Africa with an Identity Document, must have permanent employment for at least 6 months with the same employers, must provide their latest 3 months bank statements and must have a bank account in their name where they receive their salary payments.

How do I apply?
You can apply for these loans online by going to their website and filling out their application form with your personal details. If you are near their branch you can go and apply in-branch and their consultants will assist you.

How long are my loan repayments?
Barko repayment terms run up to 30 days which you need to be repaid back on your next pay date. Interest rates charged on these loans are much lower compared to some of its competitors.

How will I make my repayments?
Barko runs a debit order on your bank account for your monthly repayments so it is important to make sure you have enough money in your account when your repayment date comes.

My Nucard is lost/expired, what should I do?
If your Nucard is lost or expired simply go to your nearest Barko Financial Services branch and will have it replaced for as little as R50.

Contact Details for BFS Loans

Get more information about the various financial services offered by Barko Financial Services by contacting their consultants on 080 777 3777 / 013 235 1030, or by going online to their website www.barko.co.za.

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