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bidvest vehicle finance

Bidvest Vehicle Finance is one of the best ways of people or businesses can use to purchase vehicles for them and has different options that will suit your financial status. Bidvest is among the top South African financial institutions in vehicle and asset finance.

In the present day financial climate it might take you a long period of time to save up and buy a new car but with the help of finance houses such as the Bidvest Bank you are now able to get that much needed finance to purchase your car much quicker.

Bidvest Vehicle Finance offers you total fleet solutions that include Finance, Maintenance, Value-added Services, Specialised Vehicle and Equipment and Insurance services.

Bidvest Vehicle Finance Options

Full Maintenance Lease Agreement
The Full Maintenance Leasing Finance option allows you to cover your business cars against any unforeseen maintenance that may be as a result of your everyday wear and tear. With this option you enjoy the benefits of having fixed monthly costs, lower monthly rentals as a result of paying for usage only, flexible terms which can be changed due to circumstances, and also it takes away the risk of losing the vehicle’s resale value because you won’t be the one selling the vehicle.

Installment Sale Agreement
This type of Bidvest Vehicle Finance option is suited for those who would like to own the vehicle at the same time having a longer finance period with the option between 60 to 72 months (5 – 6 years). Monthly repayments can be reduced by structuring in a balloon payment and you are able to get full ownership of the vehicle once you have fully paid off the loan.

Operating Rental
You get to use or “rent” the car over a long term without having to own it, though ownership is a possibility, finance period is usually up to 60 months. This option gives you the benefits of having a vehicle for a long or short term without the risks that come with owning the vehicle. Like the Full Maintenance Leasing option this also has fixed monthly installments but the only difference is it does not cover maintenance and repair expenses.

Sale and Leaseback
This option from Bidvest Bank allows you to change your existing owned vehicles into leased fleets. Sale and Leaseback allows you to generate capital that can be used in other areas of your business.

This option is similar to the Full Maintenance Lease but has a higher variability which charges you at a pay-as-you-go rate in kilometers. Its benefits include paying only for the kilometers you have traveled thereby giving you more cash flow.

Bidvest Insurance Services

Bidvest Insurance was created in 1997 and their services includes Mechanical Warranties which cover car breakdowns and towing, Scratch and Dent which covers stone chips, hailstones or accident damage, Tyre Cover, Theft Cover just to mention a few.

Bidvest Vehicle Finance Contact Details

To find out more or to apply for Bidvest Vehicle Finance you can visit their website www.bidvestbank.co.za or any of their branches near you. You can also contact them by calling 0860 111 177 / 031 307 2625 / 021 431 7700 or 051 408 2014.

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