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bidvest vehicle finance

Bidvest Vehicle Finance – In the present day financial climate it might take a long time to save up and buy a new car. With the help of finance houses such as the Bidvest Bank you are now able to get that much needed finance to get yourself the car of your dreams.

Bidvest Vehicle Finance offers you an affordable and reliable opportunity to secure the best car for you whether brand new or used vehicles.

Why choose Bidvest Vehicle Finance?

If you are a South African citizen who is permanently employed and you qualify to receive a travel allowance or a company car you can easily apply for any of the Bidvest Vehicle Finance options.

When you apply for Bidvest Vehicle Finance they will assist you in finding the right vehicle at the best price possible and if you want to auction your current vehicle they will help you with that as well. You get Comprehensive Insurance, Road Side Assistance and you benefit from getting the most tax effective solution available.

Bidvest Vehicle Finance Options

Bidvest offers mainly 3 finance options for their Vehicle Finance. You can choose the Installment Sale Agreement, Finance Lease Agreement or the Operating Rental  option.

Installment Sale Agreement – This type of Bidvest Vehicle Finance option is suited for those who would like to own the vehicle at the same time having a longer finance period with the option of up to 72 months(6years) . Monthly repayments can be reduced by structuring in a balloon payment  and you are able to get  full ownership of the vehicle once you have fully paid off the loan.

Finance Lease Agreement – You can get finance for up to 72 months and you will own the vehicle upon your last payment of the loan. You can make a balloon payment to reduce monthly repayments.

Operating Rental – You get to use the car over a long term without having to own it,  though ownership is a possibility Finance period is usually up to 60 months. This option gives you the benefits that come with having a car at a lower cost over the agreed rental period and distance traveled.

Bidvest Vehicle Finance Contact Details

To find out more or to apply for Bidvest Vehicle Finance you can visit their website www.bidvestbank.co.za or any of their branches near you. You can also contact them by calling:

Johannesburg : 0860 111 177
Durban: 031 307 2625
Cape Town: 021 431 7700
Bloemfontein: 051 408 2014

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