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blacklisted personal loans

Blacklisted Personal Loans is a financial services provider that specializes in the provision of personal loans, debt consolidation loans, payday loans and cellphone contracts. People who are blacklisted find it difficult to get approved when they apply for loans from banks and other big financial institutions due to their perceived risk, and this has led to establishment of smaller credit providers such as Blacklisted Personal Loans who cater for this group in the market.

The application is convenient and is done entirely online, all one has to do is go to their website and fill out the application form with all the relevant details and you will be on your way to financial freedom. You will be able to get tailored financial services that range from as little as R2 000 to as much as R150 000 in cash. Their personal loans are issued out in accordance to the guidelines of the National Credit Regulator, and you can be assured of professional and affordable services.

Services offered by Blacklisted Personal Loans

Blacklisted Personal Loans offers a number of financial services that include personal loans, consolidation loans, payday loans, debt review and cell phone contracts. For their Personal Loans you can get credit that ranges between R2 000 to as much as R150 000 which is paid out into your bank account directly soon after approval. These personal loans are unsecured loans which means you can get approved for the loan without putting up any security or collateral against the loan.

Their Debt Consolidation Loans also offer you as much as R150 000 in cash which you can use to settle any of your smaller existing loans. These consolidation loans are helpful in helping you manage your finances much better, help with your credit profile and allow you to save monthly due to lower interest rates and installments. These personal loans can be used for those long-term and planned financial obligations that include purchasing a vehicle, renovating or extending your home, starting a business venture or paying for your children’s school fees.

For your short-term financial needs, you can get Payday loans that come with a 30-day repayment term. These loans are usually below R5 000 and can be used for any of your unplanned financial obligations such as a family emergency bill, school fees or rent, car breakdown costs and so forth. These loans must be settled in full within 30 days and like their name suggests they are meant to be paid back on your next pay date.

Debt Review or Counselling services are also available to you to help you better manage your finances and help fix your credit profile. Their professional financial consultants will run through your finances and will help you make a budget plan that will help you manage your finances. They will help you separate your necessities and luxuries, and will show you how to prioritize the things that you need and less of what you want but don’t need.

You can also get Cell phone Contracts as well even if you are blacklisted, and they have a wide number of phones available to choose from which come with affordable and fixed monthly installments. Bad credit or a blacklisting status shouldn’t be a hindrance to accessing the latest smartphones on credit, simply apply and have the latest smartphone that is on the market.

Blacklisted Personal Loans Contact Details

Get more detailed information about Blacklisted Personal Loans by simply going online and visiting their website www.blacklistedpersonalloan.co.za and read up more details or fill out the application form provided on their site. Their consultants are available on 087 236 6004 so you can also call and speak to them about your individual requirements and they will gladly assist you in any way possible.

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