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Bradlows Loans are cash loans offered by one of South Africa’s most prominent furniture retail companies and allow you to borrow as much as R24 000 in cash. Bradlows has been operating in the furniture and electrical appliance business for over 100 years, and to date they have more than 90 branches across the country.

Their cash loans are tailored to help their customers with some financial assistance which can help them purchase in-store products, or they can use them for any of their other financial challenges.

Why choose Bradlows Loans?

Bradlows is one of the leading furniture retailing companies in South Africa that specialises in providing high quality furniture along with its sister companies that include Joshua Doore, Electric Express, Price ‘N Pride among many others.

Their popularity saw them extending their services to financial products and services and are able to offer their customers as much as R24 000 with flexible repayment terms. Their services are provided in line with the National Credit Regulator guidelines ensuring that you get transparent services that take your credit profile and affordability into consideration.

With these loans there are no restriction of use which means that you are allowed to use them for any of your short-term needs and these can include things like paying your rent or kids school fees, using it to repair your broken-down vehicle, pay for your family medical expenses, or even do a little bit of home renovation. Repayment terms are flexible enough to allow you to repay your debt comfortably and interest rates charged on these loans are very competitive.

Bradlows Loans Application Requirements

If you decide to take out personal cash loans from Bradlows you can simply visit your nearest store and ask the consultants inside to help you make your application You will need to be in possession of your South African identity document, latest payslip, 3 months bank statements and latest proof of address that is not older than 3 months. Other basic requirements includes being over the age of 18 years and employed on a permanent basis.

Bradlows Loans Contact Details

To find out more about how you can get Bradlows Loans you can simply visit the nearest Bradlows branch and speak to their in-store consultants and they will be able to assist you with all the relevant information on how to apply and qualify for these loans.

You can also call their customer care number on 0800 11 99 33 or visit their website www.bradlows.co.za to get more detailed information. Their finance customer care offices are open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

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