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checkers money transfer

Checkers Money Transfer offers a secure and convenient way of sending money to family and friends across South Africa of up to R5 000 daily and R25 000 monthly.

Checkers is a well-known retail store chain that is among the largest in the country and has over 2000 branches found in every city and town. Their national presence makes it easy for anyone to send and receive money through their money transfer facility instantly.

In addition to personal money transfer services Checkers also offers businesses a Bulk Money Transfer facility that allows them to send money to numerous recipients at the same time. This can be useful in paying your contract staff that are not on your company payroll.

The Bulk Money Transfer will send the money to a Shoprite Money Wallet and their recipients can collect the sent money at any Shoprite, Checkers or uSave store.

How sending Checkers Money Transfer works

Checkers has for years been giving their customers low cost goods and decided to give their customers more with their money transfer service. Their footprint across South Africa made it easy for them to provide this service and allowed anyone anywhere in the country to send and receive money using them.

To use the Checkers Money Transfer facility the first step if to go to their money market counter and ask their tellers to use their money transfer service.

They will ask you for your South African Identity Document and help you create a secret PIN that your recipient will use to collect the money. You will be charged a transaction fee of R9.99 to send money using this facility.

When sending money Checkers allows you a daily limit of up to R5 000 while also offering you a monthly limit of up to R25 000. Their money transfer service has allowed thousands of South Africans to take care of their families as most are breadwinners who work away from home in different cities and towns.

How to collect money using Checkers Money Transfer

For the recipient to collect the sent money they will simply need to go to their nearest Checkers store money market counter. They will need to provide their South African Identity Document, secret PIN and money transfer reference number which they got from the sender. You will be asked to confirm the secret PIN number by the teller and get the money that was sent to you. You will be able to collect a daily limit of R5 000 and a R25 000 monthly limit.

Checkers Money Transfer FAQs

What do I need to send money?
To send money to your loved ones you will need to go with your South African bar-coded green Identity Book or Smart ID Card and the money you want to send at their money market counter. Checkers will not accept any copies of your identity documents but will need your original ones to process the money transfer.

Can I collect money at any Checkers store?
Collections can be done at any Checkers store anywhere in the country as long as you have your identity document, secret PIN and money transfer number with you. You can also collect from other stores that include Usave, Shoprite, House & Home and OK Furniture.

How long does it take to receive the money?
The money being sent is immediately available at the collection end as long as the recipient can provide the secret PIN and transfer numbers needed for collecting the money.

Can I send more money than R5 000?
No Checkers only allows each sender to send a maximum of R5 000 daily.

Checkers Money Transfer Contact Details

Start making use of the money transfer facility from Checkers by getting more detailed information from their tellers at the money market counters. You can get more information from their customer-care number 0800 01 07 09 or from their website www.checkers.co.za where you can read up more details from there.

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