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Discovery Credit Cards – one of the credit facilities that allows you spend smarter and enjoy 55 days of interest-free transactions is through Discovery Credit Cards.

With Discovery Credit Cards you will also be able to get access to your account online and manage your finances much better. Discovery was created with the aim of ensuring that people have the means to lead healthier lifestyles.

Its initial aim was achieved through providing specialist health insurance. Discovery has since evolved into a multifaceted, integrated financial services organisation and expanded their original vision to include enhancing and protecting lives. The Discovery Card is a symbol of the growth and development of the Discovery brand.

Why should I apply for Discovery Credit Cards?

Discovery Credit Cards come with many benefits that allow you to manage your finances and enjoy financial freedom at the same time. By using these credit cards you will be earning rewards which you can use, and these benefits includes among many others shopping cash back rewards, Pick n Pay smart shopper points, travel rewards and so on. If you are a Vitality Program member you can actually get rewarded for being healthy!

Some of the benefits of getting Discovery Credit Cards

This multi-faceted card enhances the spending power of your money. Through the cash back function of the card, holders can buy their favourite items such as books, toys, clothing, furniture etc., from partner stores and get up to 20% cash back.

They are also partnered with World Leisure Holidays, the Royal Caribbean International and Contiki which means that card holders can receive up to 22% cash booking a holiday.

The Discovery Miles can be used to shop or travel when activated. You can also convert them to Voyager Miles or Avios. By using the Discovery card, you multiply the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper points you earn when you purchase at any Pick n Pay store around the country.

This card also allows you to pay for your day-to-day medical expenses with a separate facility on your credit card called the Health Wallet.

How to apply for Discovery Credit Cards

To apply for Discovery Credit Cards you need to visit www.discovery.co.za, and you can also get more information on how you can benefit from Discovery Credit Cards. You can get in touch with their offices on telephone number 0860 11 22 73 and speak to their consultants who can answer all your inquiries.

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