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Dube Loans is a locally owned registered credit provider that is a part of the RCL Group and has been in the South African Market since 1997. Their loans are short term loans and no collateral is needed to qualify, even individuals who are blacklisted or have bad credit can also apply.

So, if you have those unexpected expenses in the middle of the month, school fees to pay, medical expenses, you want to buy a new piece of furniture or any other expenses you might have, you can consider applying for Dube Loans through a fast-online application process.

Tell me more about Dube Loans

Dube Loans offers quick, easy and convenient loans which can be accessed from anywhere you are in South Africa online via their website. Online applications do away with waiting in long queues, you do not go through unnecessary face to face interviews and there is no paperwork involved.

When you apply, and you have provided all the necessary documentation you can get approved within 60 minutes, that how fast their service is. Once you are approved and you have signed the loan contract, the cash will be deposited into your bank account within 1 hour to a maximum of 48 hours depending on your bank.

There are no restrictions on use of the loan, how you spend the money is entirely up to you. Repayment of the loan will be done via debit order, these are typically payday loans so repayment will be done within 1 month as per agreed dates. It is important to keep enough money in your bank account that will cover the loan repayment, when the date approaches.

If you have been through a rough patch in terms of your finances and that resulted in getting blacklisted or having a poor credit record, do not despair, Dube Loans are open to applicants with such profiles, subject to terms and conditions.

Usually, people with poor credit records get higher rates when it comes to interest charges as you are considered high risk, it is therefore important to build up a good credit record to attract lower interest rates when you borrow in the future.

Your affordability is taken into account when giving you the loan so that you are not burdened with a loan amount that will be a burden when it comes to the repayments.

What is needed to apply for Dube Loans?

To qualify for Dube Loans you must have a valid South African Identity Document, aged 18 years or older and must be permanently employed. You also need a bank account where your salary is deposited and where debit order transactions can be done. Provide a copy if your ID, latest pay slip, recent 3 months bank statement and proof of current residence (not older than 3 months).

Dube Loans Contact Details

For more information about Dube Loans or if you are interested in applying for their loans you can visit their website www.dubeloans.co.za. You can also call their offices on telephone number 042 288 0167 and speak to their friendly consultants.

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