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Edgars Loans are financial products offered by clothing retail giant Edgars stores which are tailored help their customers with finance for purchases of their products and other financial obligations.

Edgars is a well-known retail store that has a strong presence in every major town and city across the country, and they have to date more than 4,2 million account holder customers.

Edgars was founded in 1929 in Johannesburg and is part of the Edcon which has other subsidiaries such as CNA, Jet, Boardmans, Red Square. It has more than 1500 stores in South Africa and an annual turnover that exceeds R28 billion as of 2014.

Over the years they have been offering their customers additional value-added benefits such as personal loans and credit cards, as well as Edgars vouchers which their customers can use at any of their stores.

What are the benefits of Edgars Loans?

Some of the benefits that you can expect to get from Edgars Loans include no collateral requirements when you make your application. This helps especially to those who are looking for credit but don’t have any assets to put up against their credit.

With these personal loans you can use them for whatever needs you may have, there is no restriction of use. This means you can use these to purchase clothing for you and your family, or use it for your own personal financial obligations.

When you get approved for these personal loans from Edgars you will enjoy fixed interest rates that allows you to manage your finances since you will know from the onset how much money you will be required to pay. If you decide to pay back the loan much earlier than the loan term you won’t be charged any penalties and you are free to do so if you choose to.

For customers who wish to top up the loan they can have it topped up if they have been up to date with their repayments for the past 6 months. Another benefit of these loans is that you can get a R250 voucher which are redeemable at any Edgars store anywhere in South Africa.

Edgars Loans FAQs

How do I qualify for Edgars Loans?
Applying for Edgars Loans is easy, all you need to do is to be an Edgars customer and visit your nearest Edgars store with your South African Identity Document, pay slip and proof of residence not older than 3 months. You must also be over the age of 18 years and employed on a permanent basis.

How do I make my payments?
You can pay for your loan through a debit order deduction or pay in-store. An important thing to note is that all your payments have to be paid on time to avoid penalties and future denials on future loan applications.

Edgars Loans Contact Details

Get more information on how to apply and qualify for Edgars Loans simply visit the nearest Edgars store and speak to their consultants about how you can make your application and they will gladly help you with additional information. You can also give them a call on 0860 692 274, 0861 000 123 or visit their website www.edgars.co.za and read up more information from there.

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