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FNB Business Account – for business people who want the best for their business they should look at a bank that understands business banking solutions like FNB. A bank like FNB understands for a business to succeed it needs an innovative and cutting-edge banking solutions and one such product they offer is the FNB Business Account.

FNB offers three types of business accounts namely the Gold Business Account which caters for businesses that have an annual turnover that is less than R5 million, the Platinum Business Account that caters for businesses that have an annual turnover that is between R5 – R60 million and lastly the Enterprise Business Account that caters for businesses whose annual turnover exceeds R60 million a year.

Why open a FNB Business Account?

One of the many benefits of why business owners should open an FNB Business Account is that the account is tailored around your business needs and is suitable for businesses such as sole proprietors, incorporated businesses, partnerships, trusts, corporative and so on. This account can be useful for your business’ daily transactional and day-to-day activities and comes with a Business Gold Visa Chip card.

With the FNB Business Account you can also conveniently set up a multi-transaction structure where nominated account payments can be done, debit and stop orders can be done from the business account and you can also qualify for business overdrafts that will allow you to make purchases and payments even if your bank account doesn’t have any funds available in it and is subject to the bank’s overdraft terms and conditions.

What are the benefits of the FNB Business Account?

The FNB Business Account come with several value-added benefits that includes monthly email statements, earning eBucks when you make cheque card purchases, linked savings pocket for your savings, online security when making online transactions and also you can use the card anywhere in the world where there is the Visa sign.

You can also get additional products with your Business Account that include inContact Pro, PayPal, eWallet Pro, Forex Online and so on.

FNB Business Account Contact Details

For business people who want the best banking account and value-added extras for their business they should look at applying for a Business Account directly at their nearest FNB branch. You can also contact their consultants on 087 032 7827 or visit their website www.fnb.co.za for more details.

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