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Frank.Net Insurance – if you are looking for a simple, transparent, affordable and trustworthy life insurance provider you might want to look at the policies offered by Frank.net.

Frank.net offers Frank Insurance covers that are not only simple, but straight forward and tailored to suit your own individual needs.

Frank.Net Insurance offers a variety of insurance covers to suit your unique individual needs, and these include a salary protection cover, life insurance cover, family funeral cover and so on.

Why Frank.Net Insurance?

Frank.Net Insurance might be an ideal insurance cover for you because of their many benefits, and some of these includes having tailor-made insurance cover that centres around your individual risk profile, your family or beneficiaries can get up to R10 million which will be tax free, ability to change your cover in the event of changing personal circumstances and also an easy and paperless online or telephonic application process.

Frank.Net Insurance Covers Options

Frank has got a variety of insurance covers that include the following:

Salary Protection pays out up to 90% of your salary if you no longer can work due to illness or injury. You will be able to get payouts until you are able to find work, and this goes on until you are 65 years old. With Frank Salary Protection you will be able to claim more than once for illness or injury.

Life Insurance pays out a tax free lump sum of up to R10 million to your policy beneficiaries if you die. You can add an unlimited number of beneficiaries and can update them anytime if you decide to add more or take away some.

Serious illness Cover gives you up to R2 million tax free lump sum payout if you suffer a serious illness, and this covers for cancer, strokes, heart attacks and open-heart surgery. Use the money to go see a specialist or pay for a 24-hour medical assistant ñ the choice is all yours.

Disability Cover offers a cover pays up to R5 million in cover if you can no longer work again as a result of suffering from a permanent disability, and it’s all tax free.

Family Funeral Cover can give you up to R75 000 tax free payout if one of your family members has died. With this cover you can add up to 22 family members and 2 of your youngest kids are covered for free.

Contact Frank.Net Insurance

For more information on how you can get Frank.Net Insurance cover from Frank simply visit their website www.frank.net or call them on 0860 722 227.