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Friendly Finance Payday Loans

friendly finance payday loans

Friendly Finance Payday Loans – with the cost of living getting higher and higher, meeting our daily expenses can be difficult especially when those unexpected expenses crop up. To help you meet your financial obligations you can apply for Friendly Finance Payday Loans and repay at affordable terms.

Friendly Finance is a loan broker that works together with a number of registered lenders to provide convenient and affordable loans to their customers, you are able to use their website to make an online comparison on loan offers from various lenders and you can choose the best one for you.

Why choose Friendly Finance Payday Loans?

Applying for Friendly Finance Payday Loans is quite quick and easy, you can submit your application via their website, it will take a few minutes to complete the application process and if all conditions are met you are likely to get the money in your bank account that same day.

Friendly Finance will search through their panel of lenders and match your application with the right lenders, their service of searching for lenders on your behalf come to you free of charge. You are free to compare and choose the lender that best meets your requirements and the loan contract will be between you and that specific loan provider.

When you submit your application your credit profile and affordability will be assessed by the credit provider to ensure that you can afford the loan you want to borrow. Once you are approved and have signed the loan agreement the lender will deposit the money directly into your bank account.

Loan repayment will be done via debit order for the period you would have agreed to. Remember to honor all your loan repayments so that you build up a good credit record, if you have a good credit score you attract favourable interest rates.

In the event that you are not able to honor your loan repayment it is best to contact your credit provider as soon as possible and arrange for a payment plan, if you do not communicate you end up with late payment fees and interest building up.

Friendly Finance Payday Loans FAQs

What is needed to apply for Friendly Finance Payday Loans?
The basic requirements to qualify for a Loan are that you must have a South African Identity Document, aged 18 years or older and you must be permanently employed earning a salary which will enable you to repay the loan and associated costs. You also need to have a bank account (provide latest 3 months bank statement) where your salary is deposited and which allows for debit order transactions. Additional requirements will depend on the lender as well as your credit profile.

How long does it take to get feedback?
Typically it takes less than 2 working days to get a response from the lender that approves your loan application. Because there are a number of lenders that receive your application there is no standard time to which you can get a response.

What can I use these loans for?
There is no restrictions on the use of these loans so you can use these loans for any of your financial obligations, whether short or long term.

How do I repay back my loan?
Repayments are deducted from your bank account where your salary is paid into on the agreed due date, so it is crucial to make certain that you have enough money in your bank account when the debit order date arrives to avoid any penalties.

I have bad credit, can I still apply?
Those that are under Debt Review, Administration or have been declared insolvent cannot apply for these loans as it is against the law to engage them in further debt.

Friendly Finance Payday Loans Contact Details

To get in touch with Friendly Finance or to apply for a loan feel free to visit their website www.friendlyfinance.co.za, you can make use of the online application form available on their website.

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