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Golden Loans are an ideal credit solution that can help those that are looking for some financial assistance to help them get through their various financial challenges. These personal loans are offered by a micro finance company that caters for the needs of the low-income earners and those that have bad credit.

Most financial institutions neglect to service this segment and this has led to the rise of micro finance companies such as Golden that helps fill this gap on the market with their personal loans, consolidation loans, blacklisted loans and vehicle loans.

Why choose Golden Loans?

Golden Loans are convenient short-term finance loans offered by a registered micro finance company that caters for people who are low income earners and may have bad credit profiles. Their financial services range from personal loans, debt consolidation loans and vehicle finance, and they extend their services to blacklisted people as well.

Their blacklisted loans can help people who are having problems in securing credit from traditional lending institutions such as banks because of their perceived credit risk, and to date they have assisted thousands of people across South Africa.

The application process for these loans is pretty much straight forward, you can apply by sending an email to getaloan@goldenloans.co.za or calling their customer care number and their consultants will assist you with the application process.

As long as you provide all your required documentation they will process and approve your loan application in a quick and timely manner. Their financial services are issued in compliance with the rules and regulations of the national regulator.

Golden Loans Application Requirements

Qualifying for Golden Loans is simply, all the applicant needs to do is to ensure that they are above the age of 18 years old and have their South African identity document, must be permanently employed with the same employer for a period that exceeds 3 months, must have an active bank account where your salary gets paid into, must also supply your 3 months bank statements and latest proof of address that is not older than 3 months.

Your application will be reviewed and if approved the money will be paid out into your bank account in a few hours, and monthly repayments will be taken out of your account through a debit order.

Golden Loans Contact Details

Find out more detailed information on how you can get yourself Golden Loans you can simply go online and visit their website www.goldenloans.co.za and read up more information from there, or you can get in touch with their consultants on their customer care number 0861 604 9677/78 and chat to them about your financial requirements.

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