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Hippo Home Loans are free online quotes provided by Hippo and its partners of home loan providers and are the perfect mortgage solutions for those that are looking for a credit solution to buy a new home.

Hippo is an online comparison site that gives you a number of real-time quotes for various credit solutions, ranging from car loans, personal loans, insurance and so on. Hippo is underwritten by a number of reputable financial services providers that includes bank and other financial service providers.

Owning your home is one of the best decisions you can ever make in your life and Hippo is there to help your dreams become a reality.

Why choose Hippo Home Loans?

Hippo is a free online platform that offers comparison quotes for home loans from various loan providers in real-time, and you don’t pay a single cent to use their facility.

They make the process easy for you by saving you from running around to various loan providers and giving you a centralised platform where you can see the different quotes and choose the one that best suits your individual requirements. Hippo works with its credit partners and will ensure that you get the latest quotes.

To make use of this facility from Hippo all you need to do is to visit their website and choose the home loan option. You will need to add your search criteria and Hippo will give you various quotes from different credit providers and if there is one that suits your requirements you can just simply click the apply button on the option.

The next step will be to complete the application process and from that point you will be dealing with the chosen credit provider. The provider will give you a loan offer which you can accept or deny and that will be that.

Hippo Home Loans Application Requirements

Even though Hippo is a referral service company who works with various partners, home loan seekers should ensure that they are employed on a permanent basis, must be over the age of 18 years old and must have their South African identity document, must also provide their 3 months bank statements and latest proof of address that is not older than three months.

For home loans you may also need to have a purchase offer letter for the house you intend to buy since most lenders who provide home loans may require this before they start processing your application.

Hippo Home Loans Contact Details

To know more about Hippo Home Loans you can easily go online and visit their website www.hippo.co.za and read up more details of their financial services. You can also get in touch with their consultants by calling their contact details provided for you on their website.

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