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HomeChoice Loans – Home Choice is a subsidiary of HomeChoice International PLC. HomeChoice is popularly known as a home shopping retailer that offers a variety of products to its customers on credit.

To help its customers meet their financial obligations and get through tough times Home Choice Loans are available through FinChoice, which is also a subsidiary of HomeChoice International. Finchoice specialises in the provision of unsecured personal loan product to its HomeChoice customers.

So if you are a HomeChoice customer and you have a good credit record you can take advantage of this offer and secure the personal loan you  need to meet your financial needs.

Why choose HomeChoice Loans?

HomeChoice Loans ,through Finchoice, are affordable, convenient and are available up to as much as R20 000. You can get access to short or long term loans with repayment periods ranging between 6 months to 24 months. As a HomeChoice Customer with good credit history you can even have access to further credit should you need it.

As an added benefit Home Choice customers can make use of the KwikAdvance product, which allows customers to get a bridging loan of up to R2 000 which is repayable on your  next payday. This is ideal if you have an emergency or need a little extra cash to take you till month end.

Home Choice Loans are easy to apply for, they have a fast and easy paperless application process. You can easily apply over the phone or online. For your convenience and ease of use , you can make use of their self-service mobile application KwikServe. With KwikServe you are able to access your loan account and make transactions in a secure and convenient ,manner anywhere at time using your mobile phone

Once you apply for the loan and you are approved you can get access to the cash within 24 hours. You are free to use your HomeChoice Loan any way you want to, there are no restrictions on use. The loans come with fixed interest rates therefore you get fixed monthly installments.

HomeChoice also offers the FoneChoice  brand that sells laptops, tablets as well as mobile smart phones on credit to Home Choice customers. These credit terms range between 24 to 36 months repayment periods. Home Choice Loans also have a  free Protection Plan which will be able to settle your loan in the event you can no longer pay due to your death, permanent disability or retrenchment.

What is needed to apply for HomeChoice Loans?

In order to qualify for Home Choice Loans you must be an existing Home Choice Customer. You need a valid South African ID and you must be 18 years or older. You must be employed and have a good credit record.

Your ability to repay the loan is important so that you are not burdened with a loan you cannot afford. You must also have a bank account into which your salary is paid every month.

HomeChoice Loans Contact Details

To apply or find out more about Home Choice Loans you can visit their  website www.homechoiceinternational.com alternatively you can visit www.finchoice.co.za. You can also contact them through calling their offices on 021 680 1000 and speaking to their financial consultants regarding their loan offers or emailing holdings@homechoice.co.za or info@finchoice.co.za.

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