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Homeloan Junction – Are you a first-time home buyer or you are looking into increasing your investment property portfolio? If so, then Homeloan Junction is an ideal partner when it comes to assistance in securing the property of your dreams.

This company is a home loan originator that has a reputable relationship with major banks and conveyancers that will make your home purchase process quick and simple.

HomeLoan Junction is very professional and has been in the South African market since 2006, their services come free of charge to you so why not take advantage of the services they have to offer and make your home buying experience seamless.

Why choose Homeloan Junction?

Home Loan junctions offers services that give you access to various financial products such Residential Home Loans, Further Loans, Personal Loans, Bridging Finance and so forth. They do not provide the loans themselves but will help by sourcing the finance from various banks on your behalf ensuring you get the best rates and credit terms that best meets your needs.

To make your home loan application smooth and quick, Homeloan Junction provides you with useful information you need to make the right decisions, they have affordability calculators, bond repayment calculators, etc. which will help you make the right financial decision.

Residential Home Loans – The purchase of a home can be very expensive, the most many can do is to raise a deposit and the rest can be financed through a home loan. Residential Home Loans through Homeloan Junction are offered for 20 to 30 years with flexible terms, the loan is sourced from the bank on your behalf and you will have a dedicated consultant who will guide you every step of the application process.

Further Loans – this type of loan is meant to help you with home improvement costs when you have bought your home, these can be redoing the tiles in your house, adding a swimming pool and so forth.

Personal Loans – You can apply for personal loans starting from R5 000 up to R150 000 repayable over 15 to 60 months. You can use this type of loan for any expenses you might have such as buying furniture, curtains, home improvements, etc. The amount you qualify for will be in line with your affordability and the terms can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Bridging Finance – this is a short-term loan which helps you with access to funds while you wait for your own funds. This can be useful in instances where you want finance to buy a new home but you have not yet sold off your existing property, you are waiting for a lump sum payout from a settlement and the like.

Homeloan Junction Contact Details

If you are interested in what Home Loan Junction has to offer or you want to get more information about their products and services feel free to visit their website www.homeloanjunction.co.za, you can also call them directly on telephone number 011 867 6295 and they will assist you.

HomeLoan also has various branches all over South Africa, so you can simply visit any of their offices near you.

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