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loan lenders student loans

Loan Lenders Student Loans – Loan Lenders is a micro finance provider that has made it possible for thousands of South African students from disadvantaged backgrounds to kick start your academic career and further your studies.

The cost of education has sky rocketed over the past few years and has become out of reach for many people and as a result many students became unable to continue with their studies at tertiary institutions.

If you are passionate about education and want to attend a university, a university of technology or a private higher education institution, Loan Lenders has the perfect opportunity to put you on the path to achieving your dreams.

These student loans come with a Customer Protection Plan that protects you or your sponsor should you encounter some unforeseen circumstances that can prevent you from repaying your loan.

Why choose Loan Lenders Student Loans?

Loan Lenders offers student credit loans that can assist students who come from a disadvantaged background to pursue their higher education at some of the most recognized learning institutions in the country.

Loan Lenders Student Loans are available to students who have gotten acceptance letters from colleges, universities and they can use these to apply for finance from this institution.

Some of the benefits you can derive from applying for these student loans is that you can make your application conveniently online by simply filling out the application form provided on their website and providing all the required documentation.

You will be able to get an instant response on the status of your application. Once you get approved for these loans you can renew them and during the loan term you will be paying the interest portion of it only.

Loan Lenders Student Loans Application Requirements

To apply for student loans from Loan Lenders you will need to ensure that your sponsor who can be your parent or guardian provides their South African Identity Document, must provide proof of employment such as their latest pay-slip, their latest 3 months bank statements and proof of address that is not older than 3 months. You must also provide proof of admission/registration at your tertiary education institution.

You can make use of the online application form on www.loan-lenders.co.za to apply and get your study loan today. You can also get their contact details from their website so feel free to get in touch with them and they will gladly assist you with any of your inquiries.

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