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Loanfinder SA – Are you looking for a loan to help meet an emergency, pay your child’s school fees, pay medical bills or even just to take a break on a holiday? Look no further, Loanfinder SA will you find the right loan for you and is there to help you access credit through its pool of reputable credit providers in a transparent, legitimate and easy manner. Loanfinder has been in the industry for over five years and has a major online presence to make the loans application process easier and faster.

Why choose Loanfinder SA?

With Loanfinder SA you can get up to R150 000 in personal loans to use in way you see fit. Because the market is now flooded with loan lenders it is more tedious  to search through and find the right provider for you.

With Loanfinder the work will be done for you and you are guaranteed to be dealing with reliable credit providers. They  will find you a moneylender or broker who will give you the deal best suited to your individual needs.You can simply apply via their online in their website.

With Loanfinder SA, the loan repayment terms and periods may differ because the loans are offered by different credit providers. Generally personal loans have a repayment period of between 12 and 72 months.

So your repayment plan will depend on the terms and conditions you negotiate with the specific money lender and also considering how much you qualify for and what you can afford to repay.

What is required when applying for a loan through Loanfinder SA?

To qualify for loans through Loanfinder SA you must be a South African citizen with a valid ID. You must be older than 18 years of age and have  a steady income of not less than R1 500 per month.  You will also need to have a bank account.

Though applicants with poor credit ratings are welcome it is important to note that you must not be under debt review , under administration,  have filed for bankruptcy or you have declared yourself insolvent.

Apart from free loan-finding service Loanfinder SA also offers a Legal and ID Assist and a full credit report. Legal Assist will provide the member with expert, legal advice and  ID Assist offers preventative and remedial measures when identity fraud, loss or theft is experienced. For the credit report  Loanfinder SA partnered with CompuScan to bring you a full, detailed credit report.

Loanfinder SA Contact Details

To find out more details about Loanfinder SA services or to apply you can contact their consultants on their customer care number 021 815 4600, visit their website www.loanfindersa.co.za, or send an email to customercare@loanfindersa.co.za.

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