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Momentum Personal Loans are unsecured loans that give loan seekers credit that ranges from as little as R1 000 to as much as R200 000 in cash, with flexible repayment terms of up to 72 months. Momentum is a well known insurance company in South Africa that has partnered with African Bank to offer credit solutions to their customers.

Momentum also offers debt consolidation loans which are lump-sum loans that will settle your multiple smaller existing loans, leaving you with one loan to deal with. Many people struggle to be on top of their multiple debts and these consolidation loans are ideal for clearing those debts and help increase your credit profile.

Why choose Momentum Personal Loans?

When you apply for Momentum Personal Loans you get access to credit from a reputable financial services provider, allowing you to borrow between R1 000 to R200 000 in cash paid directly into your bank account.

Their personal loans are unsecured credit loans that don’t require the applicant to offer up any form of security when they apply for these loans, but Momentum will look at your financial affordability and credit profile to determine how much you will be eligible for.

Momentum Personal Loans come with fixed interest rates which wont change, meaning that the monthly repayments you will do will be the same throughout the loan term. Repayment terms range from 12 to as much as 72 months which will give you enough time to settle your debt without putting a strain on your finances.

Momentum Personal Loans Application Requirements

To successfully qualify for Momentum Personal Loans you will need to be an individual that is between the ages of 18 and 70 years with a South African Identity Document, must be employed permanently with a minimum monthly income of R2 000.

You can fill out the application form provided online on their website with your personal details and submit it. Momentum will review your application and give you feedback on the status of your application in a few hours.

When your application is approved the money is paid out into your bank account where you receive your salary and repayments will be deducted every month through a debit order.

Momentum Personal Loans Contact Details

Get much details on how to secure Momentum Personal Loans simply get in touch with their customer care consultants on +27 (12) 671 8911 and speak to them about their financial offering. You can also get more details online by visiting their website www.momentum.co.za.

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