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nedbank credit cards

Nedbank Credit Cards are an ideal credit solution that gives you the ability to access funds especially when you come across an unexpected expense. Nedbank’s range of credit cards come with various benefits and features, and the card that you qualify for is dependent on your credit profile and affordability. Some of their credit cards include the Gold and Platinum Credit Cards, Greenbacks Credit Cards, SAA Voyager Credit Cards and the American Express Credit Cards.

Nedbank Credit Cards Options

Credit Cards from Nedbank gives you the freedom and flexibility of doing purchases conveniently while enjoying benefits and rewards that come with using them. Some of the credit card types under this section includes your Gold and Platinum Credit Cards.

With Nedbank Credit Cards you can shop at over 25 million local and international merchants that accept the Visa Card, and you also get zero transaction fees, 55 days interest-free credit, ATM access anywhere in the world and much more.

Greenback Credit Cards rewards you by earning Greenbacks every time you spend on eligible purchases with your Greenbacks Credit Card. You can spend your Greenbacks on a variety of things including investments, donations to charity or even converting them into cash. With these credit cards you get zero transactional fees, 55 days interest-free credit, access to any global ATM machine and an optional credit life cover.

SAA Voyager Credit Cards offers benefits by rewarding you when you travel and giving you Voyager Miles Earn Rates every time you spend using your card. With these cards you will get a minimum monthly payment of 5%, as much as 55 days interest-free credit, free SMS notifications for purchases or payments exceeding R500, monthly statements and much more.

American Express Cards are the world’s most trusted and respected travel and shopping credit card which allows you to explore and utilise opportunities around the world. The American Express Credit Card gives you a revolving credit facility which comes with individualized interest rates and is an ideal solution for those unexpected expenses that you may incur.

Some of the benefits of having these credit cards includes international and local access to airport lounges in over 100 countries, automatic travel insurance, car rental benefits, discounted air tickets and much more.

Nedbank Credit Cards Contact Details

For detailed information on how you can apply for Nedbank Credit Cards contact their call centre number 0860 555 111 and speak to their consultants. You can also visit your nearest Nedbank branch or visit their website www.nedbank.co.za and apply online.

To maintain a good credit profile it is important to ensure that you pay your debts in time and in full so that it doesn’t negatively affect your credit.

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