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SA Cash Loans – Being rejected for a loan is discouraging, especially if the reason is a bad credit history. If you are desperately in need of cash you can consider the products of a specialised lender. Provided below is a review of SA Cash Loans intends so that you can assess the personal loans for bad credit. Read more to find out how favourable they are.

SA Cash Loans is accessible online and is a company that specialises in connecting borrowers to the most suitable loans for them. Their services are available nationwide. With an online platform, applying for a loan is easy. Once you have completed and submitted the application form online, you can expect a reply within a few hours. A successful application will result in a cash deposit within 48 hours into your bank account.

You have to meet a set of requirements in order to access the personal loans for bad credit. To qualify you must earn an income of R3 000 per month. The terms and conditions of the loan are dependent on your credit score. Your chances of qualifying are still good if you have a few bad spots on your credit record.

A successful applicant with bad credit can borrow an amount of between R500 and R150 000. This loan amount can help you to make a large purchase or finance a big project. You should resist the temptation to borrow more than you need if you have bad credit. Your credit worthiness will determine your interest rate therefore it will not be very low.

Five years is the maximum repayment term offered by SA Cash Loans. The length of the term can be negotiated based on your needs. A lower credit score results in a shorter term. It can be as short as 6 months. In this situation you are compelled to take out a smaller amount of money.

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