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Southern Money Loans – Taking out a loan can help you meet your financial obligations and goals sooner. The important thing is to take out a loan amount you can easily afford to fully repay and at the same time having comfortable repayment terms.

At Southern Money, they can help you get access to loans to help improve your finances and live the life you want to live. Southern Money Loans have been available in the South African market since 2007 and the company has continuously grown from strength to strength.

Tell me more about Southern Money Loans

Southern Money Loans are offered in the form of Personal Loans as well as Home Loans. You can also get access to Cell phone contracts.

Southern Money Personal Loans – If you have a small project that needs money, you want to consolidate you debt, you want to buy a car or pay medical expenses, anything , you can apply for a personal loan. Southern Money Personal Loans have no restrictions use. To apply you can complete an online application form via their website. Even if you have a poor credit record or blacklisting you can apply, they will assist in the best possible way. Their services come to you free of charge.

Southern Money Loans have competitive fixed interest rates and easy repayment periods. If you are approved you can get the money within 48 hours. No collateral is needed for these type of loans. They also offer a credit protection plan to settle your debt in the event of your death, permanent disability or dread disease. There is limited cover available for retrenchment or temporary disability.

Southern Money Home Loans – If you want to own or improve your property you can take advantage of the Southern Money Home or Property Loans. Whether you want to buy, build, expand or renovate your home , you can get the finance you need to do just that. Southern money works together with a number of financial institutions such as banks to provide the necessary home loans to its clients.

Southern Money Loans Contact Details

If you are interested in making use of Southern Money services you can contact them via their website www.southermoney.co.za. Alternatively you can call them on telephone number 011 057 4716 or send a Fax to 0866 443 054.

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