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Ubank Loans – If you need financial services from a reliable and affordable source, think of Ubank. You can apply for Ubank Loans to help you solve your financial needs. Ubank is a well established bank that is driven by its motto, “A Bank focused on you” meaning it strives to ensure it provides the best financial services and products to its customers.

Because every customer has unique circumstances and financial needs, Ubank will assist you with the right finance that addresses those needs. With Ubank, you can benefit from their Ubank Loans through their ULend Facility. Other products and services include the USpend, USave and the USecure Funeral Plan among others.

Why choose Ubank Loans?

If you need money to for school fees, car repairs, home renovations or even a vacation, you can apply for a personal loan through the ULend facility from Ubank. UBank Personal loans are unsecured loans and you are free to use the money however you see fit. You can get access to as much R180 000 through Ubank Loans with flexible repayment periods going up to 72 months.

Their repayment terms and fees are affordable and convenient and they take into account the customers affordability. The amount you will be able to borrow will be subject to what you can afford so that you in turn get comfortable and affordable repayments.

Interests charged may vary depending on your individual credit risk. If you have a good credit score you attract lower interest rates. However, all the interest and fees remain competitive and affordable and Ubank operates in line with the regulations of the National Credit Act.

Ubank Loans have a simple and fast application procedure, you can simply apply online or at any Ubank branch near you. If you are approved and you are also happy and agree with the loan offer, the funds will be made available to you in no time in your bank account to use as you see fit.

Ubank Loans also offers a Credit Life Assurance Premium, which goes towards settling your debt when you can no longer pay due to death, critical illness or retrenchment. Taking out Credit Life cover will be ideal so that your family is not burdened with your debt when you can no longer pay.

Ubank Loans Application Requirements

When applying for Ubank Loans you need to have a valid South African ID or if you are a foreign national you need a passport with a valid work permit. You must be aged between 18 years to 65 years and be permanently employed.

You will be required to provide your latest Payslip, latest 3 months Bank Statement (if you do not bank with Ubank), Proof of your Current Residence as well as 2 Contact Numbers (yours and a relative’s).

Ubank Loans Contact Details

To apply for Ubank Loans or find out more information you can visit their website www.ubank.co.za or any of their branches near you. You can also call them on Telephone number 0860 008 322 and their friendly consultants will assist you.

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