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Udu Loans – Applying for a loan has become so much easier and quicker through the implementation of online technologies, Udu is one of the credit providers in the market that offers simple financial services through their online portal.

Udu Loans are funded by RedDirect (Pty) Ltd in partnership with Direct Axis, which is a registered and well established financial services provider in the South African market. You can access cash of up to R150 000 to use for school fees, buying a car, paying for a holiday or any other expenses you might have.

Why choose Udu Loans?

Udu Loans are quick and easy to apply for, they have an online self-service loan management portal that makes application quick and simple to understand, you can be done with your application within 5 minutes. There are no phone calls, interviews or paperwork involved in the application process, everything is done online and their ‘do-it- yourself’ platform will let you know instantly if you qualify.

These personal loans can be tailored to meet your needs and budget with access to loans from R4 000 to a maximum of R150 000 and repayment periods of between 12 months to 60 months.

Udu Loan services are convenient and transparent, you can make use of sliders available on their website to help you calculate how much you will be expected to pay for the amount and loan duration you choose, however, your credit profile will be a determining factor in terms of interest you are charged.

If you have a good credit record interest rates charged will be lower and if you have a poor credit score and considered high risk then you attract higher interest rates, nonetheless, these rates will be in line with the National Credit Act.

Once your loan approved and has been finalized the money is deposited into your bank account giving you the financial freedom you need to meet your expenses.

Udu Loans Application Requirements

To qualify for Udu Loans you must have a valid South African Identity document and be permanently employed, all you must do when applying is to upload your recent 3 months bank statement to prove your income and you will receive instant feedback on the status of your application.

If you qualify and get approved the money will be deposited directly into your bank account and repayments on the loan will be done via debit order for the duration of the loan.

Udu Loans Contact Details

If you are interested in Udu Loans and would like to find out more information or to apply for these loans feel free to visit their website www.udu.co.za. You can also call Direct Axis on telephone number 0861 020 304 and speak to their consultants regarding the Udu Loans.

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