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UT Financial Services Loans – UT Financial is a registered credit provider that offers affordable financial assistance to small and medium enterprises in South Africa.

The company operates as a joint venture between UT Holdings Ltd and FABCOS which are financial leaders in Africa. UT Financial Services was established in 1997 in other parts of Africa and has been in the South African market since 2011.

Their main focus is to help small businesses grow through the provision of affordable credit options. So if you are an SME and in need of finance for your business, UT Financial Services is there for you.

UT Financial Services (UTFS) Loans are easily accessible and once you are approved the funds are made available to you within 48 hours.

Why UT Financial Services Loans?

UT Financial Services operates in a transparent, professional manner and its many years of experience makes it cut above the rest. Their loans have competitive interest rates and quite flexible repayment terms.

UT Financial Services Loans gives SMEs the financial freedom they need to grow their businesses in turn positively contributing to building the South African economy.

UT Financial Services Loans have flexile requirements, you find that most small businesses that are usually turned down at the traditional credit providers and banks get assistance at UTFS.

To allow some time for UTFS to evaluate your business you can get feedback within 48 hours. Once you are approved for the loan and you have agreed to the loan terms the cash will be available to you within a short time.

UTFS is keen on responsible lending therefore the loan amount you qualify for will be subject to your affordability. It is important that you get a loan you can comfortably repay and be up to date with your installments to maintain a good credit record. A good credit score attracts lower interest rates when looking for a loan.

UT Financial Services Loans Contact Details

So if you need finance to help your business grow you can simply apply for UT Financial Services Loans. To contact UT Financial Services Loans you can call them on telephone number 010 591 2757 or 012 941 4715 and Fax 010 591 2758. You can also send an email to info@utfs.co.za

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