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Yebo Loans are offered by a renowned financial institution known for assisting blacklisted individuals in reclaiming their life and building it back piece by piece.

Yebo is a registered financial services provider that specialises in the provision of financial products and services to all South Africans easily and conveniently.

Since its establishment in 2005, Yebo Loans has helped hundreds of clients, some of which had bad credit history and statuses, by offering them flexible loans coupled with sound financial advice.

Why take Yebo Loans?

Yebo is a financial credit provider that strives to assist every South African looking for financial relief, and offers Yebo Loans that range from R5 000 up to R120 000. Yebo is based in Port Elizabeth, but their loans are available to anyone no matter where there are in the country.

To apply for these loans you simply need to visit their website which is www.yebo-loans.co.za and fill in the provided application form with your personal details. Supporting documents that will be needed will include ID copies, bank statements, proof of residence. Yebo unfortunately doesn’t help individuals who are self-employed, earn a commission salary or under debt review.

Yebo Loans Requirements

To have your application approved successfully you will need to meet the minimum requirements which include being a South African Citizen, must be employed for 3 months or longer with the same company, your salary must be paid into your bank account.

After reviewing your loan application they will wire the money into your bank account and repayments will be taken from that same bank account through a monthly debit order.

Yebo Loans Contact Details

For detailed information regarding these loans you can visit their website www.yebo-loans.co.za.

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